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Intramural Soccer

All of the players will be assigned to a "squad" (A, B, C or D).  Each week we will have one 11 v 11 game (Blue vs. White) on Sunday's at ETR (4:00 start).  The game will feature different combinations of squads from week-to-week (e.g., A/B vs. C/D, A/C vs. B/D, A/D vs. B/C). This will keep it manageable/organized and should make for some competitive games.  The players will be given reversible pinnies (blue & white) that they will keep. They will be printed with numbers, etc on both sides.  The schedule identifies which colors each squad should wear week-to-week.  A coach will be assigned to either the blue or white team each week. A youth official will support each game.  Games will be 50 minutes (+5 minute halftime).

Based on our numbers and other logistics, we will have four "squads" of players. Two squads will comprise a team. Each player will be assigned to a squad. Players will play with the same squad each week. Each squad will be paired with another squad each week. We'll use different combos of "squads" to create teams for games each week. Squad rosters are identified above.

We'll have players of all abilities and experience (travel and not).  Where possible we mix-up the grades on the "squads". League registration numbers are weighted towards boys, but we've always had girls play too and pair them up with other girls who are registered. I try to honor requests in the system, but it isn't perfect. 

We will begin September 19 and conclude November 15.  You will get a reminder each week what color you should wear.  The aim is to start at 4:00 on Sundays and be done by 5:00.


Games will be 50 minutes long with one 5 minute half.  We try to play 11 v 11, but it depends on the numbers.  A youth officials will be assigned.  All games will played at ETR on the lower field (closest field to trolly tracks). The White team will start each week closes to Woodland Ave and the Blue team will start near the ETR BLDGS

We won't have playoffs, however we will reserve the final week for the squad combination that has been most competitive so we end the season with a competitive game. 

A coach will be assigned to a team (blue or white) each week.  Thanks for coaching! 

Shinguards are highly recommended. Cleats are optional, but also recommended. Reversible pinnies will be provided to for each player to wear as their game shirt each week. These will be distributed the first week of the season.

Squads might be shuffled during the season to create fresh competition during the season.  

Last NameFirst NameSquad
CasadeiNicoleSquad A
DeweesLylaSquad A
DiVarioEricSquad A
EvesJonathanSquad A
JeffreyLucasSquad A
KilroyShaneSquad A
LetcherChrisSquad A
MosleyArianaSquad A
NataliniChrisSquad A
OConnellHunterSquad A
ScottErinSquad A

Last NameFirst NameSquad
DiBerardoVinnieSquad B
EspositoDylanSquad B
Fulmano AnnieSquad B
KalbachCadeSquad B
KellyCharlieSquad B
KennedyDerekSquad B
KohlerMargaretSquad B
ScottHannahSquad B
siakyleSquad B
WheelerJoeySquad B
WhiteMichaelSquad B

Last NameFirst NameSquad
BeanLillianSquad C
ChristopherNicholasSquad C
ColeKieranSquad C
DesantisKennethSquad C
HomsherCarolineSquad C
McAnallyTylerSquad C
MccaffreyShaneSquad C
McCaneyColinSquad C
MyersMasonSquad C
NataliniAnthonySquad C
TolassaHirkoSquad C

Last NameFirst NameSquad
BowdenJacobSquad D
BriggsRyanSquad D
chiangCalebSquad D
CoucharaJoeySquad D
GouglerTylerSquad D
 GillinBenSquad D
LaasselSarahSquad D
LeafKaylaSquad D
McHenryAidanSquad D
NataliniGavinSquad D
ShieldsRyanSquad D
TolassaMasiSquad D

All games schedule to start at 4:00 EXCEPT 10/3 which starts at 5:15 at Springfield High School. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.  All ETR games at the lower field (closes to trolly tracks). 

Squads vs. Squads
19-SepA/B v C/D
Winner: A/B
A/B White, C/D Blue

A/B Chris Jeffrey   vs  C/D Dan McHenry

At ETR. First Half: White with backs to 420; Blue with backs to ETR Bldg
26-SepA/C v B/D
Winner: B/D
A/C White, B/D Blue

A/C Chris Jeffrey  vs   B/D Dan McHenry

03-OctA/D v B/C
Winner: B/C
A/D White, B/C Blue

A/D Chris Jeffrey  vs   B/C Dan McHenry

At Springfield High School Turf Field at 5:15
10-OctA/B v C/D
Winner: A/B
A/B Blue, C/D White

A/B Chris Jeffrey   vs  C/D Dan McHenry

At ETR. First Half: White with backs to 420; Blue with backs to ETR Bldg
17-OctA/C v B/D
Winner: B/D
A/C Blue, B/D White

A/C Chris Jeffrey  vs   B/D Dan McHenry

24-OctA/D v B/C
A/D White, B/C Blue
A/D Dan McHenry   vs  B/C Chris Jeffrey
31-OctA/B v C/DA/B White, C/D Blue A/B Chris Jeffrey   vs  C/D Dan McHenry Ditto


At Springfield High School Turf Field at 4:00

First Round:  Squad A: 1-2; Squad B: 3-0; Squad C: 1-2; Squad D: 1-2
Second Round:  

Contact Russ Dath: [email protected]


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