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Updated: November 11, 8:59 PM

Sign-up for sports...and have fun Announcements

How to sign-up online
Important Notes:
You must be a resident of the Springfield School District.

There is no need to create a new account if you created an account in 2011-2013.  Use your existing account to sign-up for sports.  

1. If you have an SAA account, login to get started.  If you don't have an SAA account already, create a new SAA Account andaaand then login.
2. Modify information for children already if necessary.  Add any new children you want to register.
4. Pay for all of the childen you register.
5. Select the sports you want your children to play.
6. Make any special requests.
7. Volunteer to coach if you can.

Frequently asked questions
What sports are available and when are they played?
The SAA offers a range of intramural and travel sports in the Winter, Spring and Fall.  Tryouts could be required for a travel sport.  Tryouts may occur months prior to the start of the official season.  Details will be posted on this website. 

A coach will contact you prior to the start of the sports you elect with details.

How much does it cost?
Child #1 = $100
Child #2 = $85
Child #3 = $70
Child #4+ = Free

- Travel team fees are extra and vary by sport. 
- Additional fees may apply by sport (e.g., umpire fees).

- A $25 late fee is applied on a sport-by-sport basis if you do not register by the cut-off date for the sport. 
- The cut-off to avoid 2014 late fees for Spring sports is March 10.

The fees cover January to December. Registration and fees will be due each year thereafter. The fee covers all sports all year as long as your child is grade & age approriate. 

Are fees adjusted or prorated based on number of sports signed-up for?
No. The standard membership fee is a flat fee.

Who can register to play in the SAA?
- Residents of Springfield, Morton and Swarthmore.
- Residents of the Springfield School District.
- Kids in kindergarten and above.


 What if I move from the Springfield School District Area?       We do have a grand father policy.  Members leaving the area are welcomed to maintain their membership status if they desire.

Can I request my child be placed team with another child?
Yes. You can make requests during the sport sign-up process.  We will do our best to accomodate requests.

How can I volunteer to coach?
We need your help!  The sport sign-up process allows you to indicate when you have an interest in coaching.

What time period does registration cover?
Registration period is January to December each year.   When you register in January you can sign-up for Spring, Fall and Winter sports.

Can I make changes to the sports I signed up for?
Yes. You can log into your account at any time to make changes.  Please note that if you register after the cut-off date for a sport you will incur a $25 late fee.

How come I don't see the right sports available for my kid?
The system is designed to present sports based on current grade, age and gender.  Make sure age and grade information you entered for them is correct.  DO NOT anticipate what grade they will be in next year (for Fall sports).  The system assumes each child will "graduate" at the end of each year and automatically promotes them.  So, if your child is in pre-school in the Winter, we will allow them to register for a Fall sport targeted for kids in Grade K in the Fall.  

Please be sure to contact the director of a specific sport for ANY questions reguarding that sport.


Who can I contact concerning questions for a specific sport? 
Each sport has a director.  See our Contact Us page.

Who can I contact about how to initially sign up for membership?
For membership information please e-mail Tom Aughe, Director of Membership. Contact Us page. 

SAA Codes of Coduct
We need your help to keep SAA sports fun and safe for the kids. To help guide our parents and coaches and support the kids playing in all of our programs, we adopted both a Coach Code of Conduct and a Parent Code of Conduct.   

All SAA Coaches must complete a coach registration form and succefully complete a background check
For the safety of all children in the program a program is in place to conduct background checks on coaches.  An online form is availble for coaches to initiate the process.





Teams should be getting contacted by coaches this week

Remider:  Girls Travel Lacrosse Evaluations Nov 1 & Nov 8
Want to play SAA girls travel lacrosse in 2015? Then you must attend 1 of the tryout dates below to be eligible. Bring stick, mouth guard and goggles. Hope to see you there!!! No need to register on the website in advance.  Fees will be due in 2015. 

Sat. Nov 1 @ Sabold [CANCELLED due to weather]

Sat. Nov 8 @ Sabold
3:00 - 3:45 (Grades 3/4/5)
4:00 - 4:45 (6/7/8)

If you cannot make Nov 8, please notify rdath@springfieldaa.org by Nov. 5.

Boys travel basketball tryouts Oct. 26

All tryouts will be at ETR times are by grade:

6th & 7th    12:00 - 1:00
4th & 5th    1:00 - 2:00
3rd & 8th    2:00 - 3:00  

Help wanted!
The girls intramural basketball program has a director vacancy and is in need of one or more adults to take the lead. This season can't happen without adult volunteers to get it off the gournd. Contact rdath@springfieldaa.org. 

Girls Travel Basketball Tryouts Saturday @ ETR.... Please arrive 15 minutes early.  YOU ONLY NEED TO MAKE ONE TRYOUT

5th Grade 1:15pm.... 6th Grade 2:30pm.... 3/4th Grade 3:45pm

SAA Boys and Girls Intramural Basketball begins in December
If you are interested in coaching, please contact the Director for you sport and age-group.  See "Contact Us" for a listing of SAA Directors and their sports.  If you have not submitted for a background check in 2014 (it is an annual requirement), you may do so via the link at the bottom of this page.

Avoid spring sport registration late fees!

Registration for 2014 sports is now open.  No in-person registration dates are planned.  A new online credit card processing system is in place.  Receipts will automatically be emailed to you.  Register for spring sports before March 10 to avoid late fees.  Travel lacrosse programs held tryouts in Fall 2013.  You still have to register for those programs in 2014 to be eligible to play.